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in the cutting-edge thinking and strategy that positions NABH at the forefront of the national agenda for behavioral healthcare.

By creating a strong voice for behavioral healthcare for all age groups and all levels of care, NABH represents your interests—powerfully and persuasively—in areas that influence your ability to deliver quality care
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Our Mission and Vision

The National Association for Behavioral Healthcare (NABH) advocates for behavioral healthcare and represents provider systems committed to delivering responsive, accountable, and clinically effective prevention, treatment, and care for children, adolescents, adults and older adults with mental and substance use disorders. The NABH vision is of a society that values and maximizes the potential of all its citizens by helping them to achieve overall health. To achieve healthy communities, behavioral health will be recognized, respected, and allocated resources with fairness and equity.

Benefits of Membership

Get involved in the power of networking with colleagues who face the same challenges you do. With the CEO-level involvement of the major behavioral healthcare systems in the country, NABH brings together the experience and resources of the most senior clinical and administrative leaders. Get insight into best practices, quality issues, trends, and breaking news affecting your organization.

Annual Meeting

The NABH Annual Meeting offers a full three-day agenda filled with top policy speakers and decision-makers on critical issues that affect
your business.

Advocacy Leadership

NABH staff members are connected to legislative and regulatory leaders who establish and implement behavioral healthcare policies. The team works closely with NABH members to help them become better advocates.

CEO Update

Focused exclusively on breaking behavioral healthcare news for the busy executives, this newsletter’s stories are available to your entire organization every week by email and on the NABH website.

NABH Website

Our site includes the latest reports, studies, and data on behavioral healthcare, as well as “Members-Only” resources with direct links to your Capitol Hill representatives and detailed information available only to association members.


Current NABH committees focus on Addiction Treatment, Behavioral Health Services within General Healthcare Systems, Quality, and Youth Services.

Research and Data

NABH reports the most detailed and up-to-date data on industry trends—both administrative and financial—to help you prepare your organization for the future.

NABH Delivers Value

Learn how NABH delivers value to its members.

The National Association for Behavioral Healthcare exists to effect change in behavioral healthcare.

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Dues are based on the net revenue for all behavioral healthcare components of your system.

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