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NABH Education and Research Foundation Partners with Manatt to Produce Issue Brief on Telehealth Services in PHP and IOP

NABH is pleased to announce that the NABH Education and Research Foundation today released an issue brief that shows how telehealth services effectively augment traditional partial hospitalization programs (PHP) and intensive outpatient programs (IOP).

The telehealth issue brief is the first resource from the NABH Education and Research Foundation, which worked with NABH members and Manatt to compile and evaluate data to measure the impact that telehealth services have had on access and outcomes.

Results from the study show that using telehealth services improved access to care and optimized the reach of existing personnel. The initial findings from several NABH members also indicated that, relative to in-person services, telehealth delivery-of-care produced similar or better outcomes for PHP and IOP patients.

The telehealth issue brief’s key findings also include:

  • During the COVID-19 crisis, regulatory flexibilities enabled traditional in-person PHPs and IOP programs to implement telehealth services rapidly.
  • Using telehealth to deliver PHP and IOP services has improved access to care for remote patients and those facing other access obstacles.
  • Emerging research is showing that, relative to in-person care, the use of telehealth in PHPs and IOPs generally is improving the quality of clinical care, patient satisfaction and the overall efficiency of the healthcare system.

NABH urges its members to read the issue brief and share it with others. The association has also created a social media toolkit with shareable graphics that highlight key research from the study. Members can access the issue brief and social media toolkit on the NABH Education and Research Foundation’s Resources page.

Manatt will host a webinar about the issue brief’s findings on Wednesday, March 1 at noon ET. Click here to learn more and register for the free webinar.

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